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What is Soft Washing?
“Soft Washing” refers to the process where we are preferably using less than 500 psi for rinsing or cleaning application. Most of the newer materials on the homes and buildings that we wash today actually require a soft washing process, if for no other reason but to preserve the manufacturer’s warranties. These same soft washing techniques are also very important when washing around windows, doors, and even electrical components.


What is Power Cleaning or Power Washing?
Power Washing is a high pressure method of using water and a steam machine to remove the soiled areas of all exterior surfaces.


What types of surfaces can be power washed?

Concrete, brick, stone, decks, walkways, awnings, patios, even your dog house!


What Is preventative maintenance and why is it important?
Preventative maintenance is something we all do. Whether it’s brushing your teeth or changing the oil in your car. Think about the dangerous and debilitating consequences of never brushing your teeth, never changing the oil in your car. It is important because it dramatically reduces costs long term and the possibility of catastrophic failure. Preventative maintenance is a way of protecting your investment, while improving your curb appeal and increasing the perceived value of your home.


What equipment and cleaning solutions do you use and will it harm my landscaping or pets?
We use a state of the art eco-friendly proportioner system that controls the flow and mixed ratio’s to create a custom solution that is designed specifically for the condition and surface that is being treated. This ensures that our cleaning solutions are never too strong or too weak. Each of our customized solutions include a surfactant that isolates and clings our cleaning solutions to the surface being treated. We gently apply our cleaning solutions with our low pressure soft wash system which allows the solution the appropriate dwelling time to break surface tension ensuring a faster deeper clean. We carefully implement a thorough presoaking and rinsing process that neutralizes and dilutes our cleaning solutions to ensure your landscaping and pets are safe.


Can you guarantee that the algae and the other growth organisms will never come back?
The forces of nature are constantly in motion and at work. This is why we stress that continued preventative maintenance is important to preserve and maximize the life expectancy on the exterior components of your house. With that said, our initial treatment will terminate 100% of the growth organisms on the areas of the home you contract us to treat. After the initial treatment the forces of nature will restart the life cycle all over again. Just like a car that requires routine washing to protect the paint and metal from the harsh elements of nature, so does a roof and house require the same. On a roof typically, the initial treatment will last three to five years but ultimately, the return of growth depends on the environment such as the amount of trees and shade that surround your house. To extend the life of your siding and other exterior components its a good idea to give your exterior a thorough washing every one to two years.


What is purified water window cleaning and why is it better?

Water used in this type of cleaning operation is usually filtered through mixed-bed deionization (DI), reverse osmosis (RO), or a combination of the two processes. Pure water will greatly improve your cleaning results. The pure water does not contain any ions, so it is a vey effective rinse agent, leaving spot and streak free results after evaporation. This pure water provides an excellent vehicle for the activation, suspension and ultimate release of soils from surfaces and leaves minimal chance of re-depositing soils on the surfaces. In many cases the results of pure water cleaning will exceed that of traditional methods. Many detergents can leave a microscopic film behind, which can actually attract dirt to the surface, leading to faster resoiling. As there is no residue or static left after pure water cleaning, many times surfaces cleaned with pure water methods remain cleaner for longer periods of time.


What can I expect when your company arrives to perform work at my home?
You can expect a professional attitude and great experience! We ensure that an Owner/Operator along with a technician will be on-site in uniform ready and prepared to manage and complete the scope of work. If you are home we will greet you with a smile and give you brief review of the work that will be completed. If you are not home we will perform a site evaluation to ensure that all windows and doors are closed and make note of any problems we observe that can help you be proactive in maintaining your home. Once that is complete we will make the necessary site preparations so we can begin the work. After the project is finished we will follow up to let you know the scope of work has been completed.


What’s contributing to the premature aging of my roof?
Have you ever pulled into your driveway and looked up at your roof and asked yourself, what are those black stains on my roof? I wonder how I can get rid of those black stains? You’re not alone. If your like most people we all have questioned those ugly black stains at one time or another. Those black stains growing on your roof are algae. An Airborne algae called gloeocapsa magma feeds off the limestone in your shingles and it loosens the top layer of granules on the shingles causing them to be washed into your gutters and down spouts. If left untreated this can greatly reduce the life expectancy of you shingles.

The good news is algae, moss and lichens are the main factor in the premature aging of roofs and A-Z Property Solutions is properly equipped to get rid of these harmful home hazards. The bad news is, if those black stains go untreated they can gradually spread across your roof and evolve into a more severe bacteria know as lichens and moss. Lichens and moss are destructive to your roof because they have root-like structures that attach to your shingles and eventually lift and curl them causing permanent scarring and/or shingle loss. In addition the growing organisms feed on algae, leaves and debris build-up commonly found in shaded areas such as gutters and downspouts. If left untreated they will continue to reproduce, potentially leading to costly repairs or even much more costly premature roof replacement.


Why should I have my roof professionally cleaned and why is it important?
Your roof, gutters and downspouts is the first line of defense for your home yet is commonly some of the most overlooked crucial components of a home that requires routine care and maintenance.

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association recommends that you properly treat and keep your roof, gutters and downspouts clean of debris to maximize the shingles life expectancy. That is why at A-Z Property Solutions, we include the gutter and downspout cleaning in with the roof cleaning price. We understand that you cannot treat one or the other and guarantee a properly clean finished product. We implement a dilution system that requires the gutters and downspouts are flowing freely to ensure that the cleaning solutions are properly neutralized and safe for pets and landscaping. Keeping your roof, gutters and downspouts cleaned and properly treated will help maximize and extend the life expectancy of your shingles.


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